Yoga for Health….
Truly, it IS for your Health!

For without Health, what Limitations do you Feel in Life?

I have been taking yoga classes since 1981 and have been teaching since 2004.  I tend toward the Iyengar style of teaching as I am drawn to alignment awareness, as well as to the fullness of the yogic tradition.

I am a hiker in my spare time, and I have learned that there are many paths up the mountain.  They allow for different journeys, but you always get to the top.  So, I am not solely teaching from any one tradition.  You can get to the top of a yoga idea or posture from many angles.  Yoga has kept me open physically since 1986, supporting a full-time career in massage therapy.  I value the stamina, energy and calmness I get from practicing yoga.

Yoga For Health is located in Yoga Pathways Studio!