It has been my heart’s joy and passion to create health and peace in the lives of my Yoga students over the years.  It is with sadness (and yet the ultimate excitement for the new chapter of my life) that I announce that I will be closing my Yoga Studio in Palmer Lake on November 26, 2019.
I bless you all with stamina, energy, calmness, and peace in your hearts!

Yoga for Health….
Truly, it IS for your Health!

For without Health, what Limitations do you Feel in Life?

I am drawn to alignment awareness in my teaching style as well as to the fullness of the yogic tradition.  I have been teaching since 2004 and enjoying being a student since 1981.

I am a hiker in my spare time, and I have learned that there are many paths up the mountain.  They allow for different journeys, but you always get to the top.  So, I am not solely teaching from any one tradition.  You can get to the top of a yoga idea or posture from many angles.  Yoga has kept me open physically since 1986, supporting a full-time career in massage therapy (Massage for Health).  I value the stamina, energy and calmness I get from practicing yoga.


West End Center
755 Hwy 105, Suite A
Palmer Lake, CO  80133