About Yoga


About Yoga

The purpose of yoga is to yoke the body, mind, emotions and spirit together. You bring the work of one aspect into all the others.  For example, in the Asana class, you use the physical body as your tool to cleanse and open for better health.  Since you are interwoven in the aspects of your Being, all the others are affected and there is change through cleansing and opening in the emotions, mind and spirit.


Yoga is ultimately not about wrapping
our legs around our necks or
arching back into beautiful back bends. 

It is about using the body
as an instrument

to fully realize and stay connected
to our own inner joy, love,
and compassion. 

Yoga is about opening our hearts
with love and compassion to others
who suffer in innumerable ways. 

Yoga is not about touching our toes. 
It is about tenderly touching the hearts
of the people around us. 

Miriam Austin — “Cool Yoga Tricks”